Trojan Concert – Head Resonance

Trojan Concert by Head Resonance at the Jazz Festival, Schloss Wolfsburg


Heterotopia is an experimental transmedial lecture

Hasenheide Talk

HASENHEIDE TALK is the experimental radio talk format based on rules. HASENHEIDE TALK is recorded in the Berlin Kreuzberger city… Read more Hasenheide Talk

A very short play for bank directors

A performance in a bank hall, Hamburg – Germany 1997 “In a banking hall people are waiting to be served.… Read more A very short play for bank directors

The Deaf Time Tunnel

A theater play with deaf and hearing actors for a deaf and hearing audience

The Pullo-Vorenus-Hypothesis

Research project on the evolution of language


”’MEDEA! THE TRUTH! || ME DEA F”’ is a play by Till Nikolaus von Heiseler played by deaf, hard of… Read more ME DEA F

I’ll be your Model

an exhibition with the fictive artist Lara X. Schiffer,

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John von Neumann Salon

Die Camouflage der Kybernetik produced by Formatlabor Berlin, Transmediale und dem Collegium Hungaricum Berlin (CHB) #1 Die Camouflage der Kybernetik… Read more John von Neumann Salon

Bird Lives Matter

von Till Nikolaus von Heiseler nach Aristophanes Regie: Michaela Caspar & Giuseppe Giuranna | Text Till Nikolaus von Heiseler | Bühne/Musik, Jan-Peter… Read more Bird Lives Matter