(1) Please subscribe first to the Moodle account!

(2) Please send us a brief email and tell us about your background and explain why you want to be part of the project. Use: “Collective paper writing” in the subject of the email. Send the email to formatlabor.net@gmail.com and anneaerts2000@gmail.com.

(3) In most cases we will have a 5-min one-on-one ZOOM meeting to discuss the concrete options for you.

This semester we will concentrate on cooperation. The starting point of the project will be: Humans cooperate in great groups with non-kin—as opposed to apes whose ability to cooperate is rather limited. Why did these special forms of collaboration —which is the basis of the human success—only evolve in one species of ape?

The first project will be about the 12 misconceptions about language evolution. You will need to prepare for the first session on Tuesday 18 October.