Hasenheide Talk


HASENHEIDE TALK is the experimental radio talk format based on rules.

HASENHEIDE TALK is recorded in the Berlin Kreuzberger city park Hasenheide. Here you meet all kinds of people.

HASENHEIDE TALK takes the side of those who have no lobby and allows them to express their thoughts.

HASENHEIDE TALK focuses on the question: Should (political) borders exist?
Should privileges emerge from documents and nationalities? Why does every human on Earth not have the same rights? This is a question, to which children and adults, intellectual and workers, students and skinheads, residents and foreigners, possessing and homeless people, men and women can answer. This question can be answered emotionally, legally, politically, personally, theoretically and ethically.

HASENHEIDE TALK has been broadcast in Berlin, 104,6 since 2004.

City park Hasenheide

The Hasenheide is a classic Berlin city park, which is visited by very different people. This eclectic mix of people have their say without censorship. Beyond that, the sound landscape of the Hasenheide (musicians and singers jamming, background noise like barking dogs, singing birds, playing children) plays an acoustic and compositional role.


  1. All recordings are to be taken in the park Hasenheide.
  2. Everyone, who wants, can remain anonymous.
  3. In the end, we ask the person we talked to, if she or he wants to interview other people.
  4. All sounds and music we use is recorded at the Hasenheide

Further themes:

  • Social inclusion/exclusion
  • What prevents me from carrying out my dreams?
  • What should change? Social utopia.
  • Bereavement/suicide.
  • Identity / the distinction between self-perception and foreign-perception
  • How does the recording equipment change the situation of speaking?

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