Novel Approaches to Language Evolution and the Problem of Collaboration

Open Research Tutorial, Summer Semester 2022, Humboldt University Berlin

by Aleksandr Schamberger and Till Nikolaus von Heiseler

Humans have the capacity to communicate using language as opposed to apes whose ability to learn a language is rather limited. On these grounds, one of the mayor questions in language evolution is whether the human language faculty includes specific biological adaptations. One aim of the research tutorial is to compile arguments for and against this hypothesis and collectively write a review paper attempting to answer this critical question. This will be done by developing an interdisciplinary collaboration between students from various disciplines. The roles of the participants will depend exclusively on their competence in relation to the research project. The collaboration will include various tasks ranging from researching literature to structuring arguments, searching for relevant journals, editing, task management and development of timetables—without any form of academic and institutional hierarchy.

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