The 5 Threats to Humanity


The 5 threats to humanity are (1) asteroid impact, (2) super-volcanoes and (3) pandemics and (4) nuclear war (5) ABC-terrorism. While all others are rather unlikely to happen, pandemics will happen on a regular basis. This was one of the main arguments against globalization. The answer: even in a globalized world, countries can shut down their borders in cases of pandemics. This way they would profit from the globalization and at the same time would be safe. However, the barriers against the spreading of the virus do not need to be the political boarders. If other borders could be installed they would have the same effect (maybe within big countries or around a number of small countries or around strongly infected or non-infected regions). To use political boarders is the idea to use an existing structure for a new–universalistic–purpose.
Though the coronavirus might result in permanent damage of lungs and might mutate (which will make reinfections possible), this is only a dress rehearsal for much worse pandemics to come.