Free Paper Writing Workshop

Participate in a paper writing workshop for free!

After a successful semester that included two papers currently on their way to publication and participation in an international conference, the tutorial Novel Approaches to the Evolution of Language and Cooperation is coming to its second semester.

Our group consists of students of all career levels from various faculties of the Humboldt University and international guests (most of them joining online) who work together on interdisciplinary papers.

We are currently looking for participants to join the second edition of the tutorial. If you are interested in co-authoring a paper in a reputable journal, please do not hesitate to apply!

Broad background knowledge of the subject area is not required; and this is why: The first paper will be on Misconceptions of Language Evolution. You will only need to read the literature for your own 2-3 page contribution. The literature for the second paper will be read during the tutorial.

The second paper will be about Culture Gene Coevolution mainly looking to update the theory of cultural group selection by  Richerson/Boyd. Richerson already expressed interest in reading the reconstructing part of the paper prior to submission. This will guarantee that our suggestions are built on the strongest version of their theory.

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For people with  limited time (best cost-benefit ratio): Be an early bird when it comes to the Misconceptions of Language Evolution paper and prepare a short exposé on one of the misconceptions as a 5 min. presentation for our first session on the 18th of October.