Media Activism. Social Evolution. Hegel.

I developed the idea of the project around 2010. Before that I was a media activist who dropped out form having a theater carrier as a director and play wright. The idea was to write a book on social change and social evolution. Back then I was a constructivist and thought that the human mind is merely product of culture and history. How we became human should therefore be found in prehistory in which humans conquered the earth.

I tried to reconstruct the waves of expansion by genetic makers of the male and female line. I finally failed, because the data aloud for too many scenarios. However, what I found was repeating pattern that only allowed for one explanation: groups spread and displace other groups while some of the female would be integrated in the victorious groups.

Chomsky. Biology.

I thought I should also include how language developed und I began to read Chomsky. I was surprised that Chomsky thought of language as a biological system. The idea that language has a biological basis is independent of how Chomsky explains the emergence of language. It suggested that anyone who want to explain the development of language should be informed about the biological evolution of humans.

Extraordinary Fast Evolution.

Human evolution was extraordinary fast. Bruce Lahn (2004) suggested that the development of human cognition was about 14 times faster than the evolution of other primates. That humans developed extraordinary fast is also indicated by their unusual brain growth: the tripling of the brain size within about 3 million years.

System Dynamics. Feedbacks.

I was always interested in system dynamics. There is a similarity between system theory and media theory in sociology and biological evolution: elements of the system are thought as a product of the dynamics of the system.

When systems develop extraordinary fast they must include a positive feedback loop.

The only positive feedback loop within a species is sexual selection,
Fisher found that sexual selection can develop in a run-a-way-process. Sexual selection can begin by chance and escalate.
The best female choice to choose attractive men, because then you have attractive sons and they will be chosen by the females of the next generation. This is called the sexy-son-hypothesis.

Two level selection

Then I thought: why not put both together. As a selection on two levels. There is a habitat with different groups. Every group is dominated by a slightly different sexual selection. In a second step the groups compete.
Female choice compete in the ability to produce groups that displace all others.
We can model the dynamics of the system by defining the attractor and this attractor is that females need to choose the males according to the contribution to the expansion.
For this a media is needed connecting the actions of the males in war-like conflicts and the reproduction. This would be storytelling and a much simpler trophy presentation.
Starting conditions
Then I looked at the starting conditions of this system. Which is that the groups are reproductively isolated.
Female chimpanzees for example mate with male form other groups, when they live in the rain forest, but not when they live in the savanna. In the savanna the territory are much greater.
Then I looked for where this could have happened and found that the environment in east Afrika dried out and changed from rain forest to savannas and that exactly there you find the most human and prehumen fossils.
Hypothesis that can be driven form this model:
• Language developed for the function to speak about non-present actions.
• Language developed form trophy display
• The concept of truth as a binary form developed from interest conflicts concerning who hunted what or how did what to whom.
• Most, if not all, unique cognitive capacities developed for storytelling.
o Language
o Theory of mind
o Episodic memory
o Cooperation // Altruism
o Need for recognition
o Impression management faculty
• Values are transformation rules for translating an action of an agent into reputation or the image of the agent.
• Reputation is stored and distributed in circulating narratives about an agent.
• Narrative give us the sense of deeper meaning.
• Social order can be explained in term Glauconian actions and Glauconian communication: actions that are done to be seen and narrated.
• Moral is based on reputation concern and need for recognition and can be internalized.
• Symbolic Communication Evolved for Virtue Signaling
• Cooking and food sharing is only possible with trophy display

I thought that I could publish paper in different fields. For this I would need to present my hypothesis as a solution to a problem in the literature in the field. I did this with two of the hypotheses: language evolved from trophy display and the concept of truth developed in this context.
Now I found that is to much work. I have the idea for 10 paper or so but when I would need to begin with the literature in the field this